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Our website founded in August, 2005, named “D&M Studio”. The total number of visitors is up to 116,174, which about more than 30 visitors per day averagely. Until now, we have owned stable members over than300.

At first, “D&M Studio” established by only two university students. The purpose is quite simple: Share our works on the net and make friends with the same dream all over the world.

David, the master of our studio, organizes the website and manages the software which developed by himself. Mac as the website designer is in charge of the art design of website, making the website looks beautiful.

D&M Stdio

D&M Stdio

“D&M” means David and Mac, the two main website directors. Since our studio developed, more and more classmates have joined us. Xiao, the biz representative director, is charge of our website consult. Hui, a lovely girl, provides us lots of useful information. Everyone in our group has various responsibilities, but explicitly and effectively. We have developed lots of website and application projects successfully together.

During our four years university lives with three years website develop experience, we became mature and sophisticated gradually. With the full of confidence, we left our campus, step into the society ambitiously. Now, Mac works in one of the famous website companies in Nanjing, as a website designer. However, David has still decided to continue his further education.

We changed our name from “D&M Studio” to “Cyberlark.org” in May, 2007, and was rebuild as David’s own homepage now. Cyber Lark, a symbol of a bird name which means beautiful and really full of imagination. Cyberlark is a new style of website did a lot of adjustment, using the new developing techniques: ASP.Net and AJAX.



In July, 2009, after David’s master graduation ceremony, cyberlark.org has been updated the third time for marking the milestone moment. Now David like other oversea student steps in society, looking for a promising career life, and chasing dreams in their childhoods. Everything is changing, but the purpose of the website is not change: Share and Making progress corporately.

As the website developing, I want to give thanks to our friends supporting and helping us growing all the time. And I wish they would still grow up with our efforts together.

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