Children Pronunciation System is designed for deaf and dumb children. The game by distinguishing different objects on the screen according to the given sound is only a part of the system.

Main Functions

Each question is created by the system, and at the same time, the system plays the sound of certain object. The users get the score if they select the logical one which could be made from the object on the screen.

Different difficulty levels. (Easy/Normal/Hard)

Hint function. This function enables the user to lower the difficulty level or listen to the sound again.

Countdown function. When time is up, if there is no answer selected, the system will default it as giving up

Technical Difficulties

The Flash Action programming. The Flash provides a powerful solution for the animation involved in this program. It also makes the program easier to publish on the Internet. Furthermore, the product mainly faces the children market. Better and lovelier interfaces can draw their attention.

The multiple mouse events activate various behavior.

Create questions randomly. The question is generated from the database with one correct answer and some confusing false answers.

Multiple functionality such as replaying the sounds, providing hint and judging the answer: Give a red apple for the correct answers, or the green one for the wrong answers.

April, 2005

Children Pronunciation System for Game V2.0

Children Pronunciation System for Game V2.0

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